The most important decision that most people make in their lifetime is to buy a home. It is therefore of the utmost importance to have the right support and expertise on your side. Madri Spoelstra’s life is exemplified by a pursuit to add value to people’s lives. Her passion for art, antiques and beautiful interiors are the elements that bring warmth and feeling to a home.

Her love for her family and dogs makes her extremely sensitive to people’s needs in a society that are nowadays often cold and dreary.

Madri’s husband is a well-respected Academic and Consultant, while her daughter is a senior at Florida Southern College pursuing a career in Medicine

She believes that her faith and self believe helped her make the transition from her home country of South Africa to the USA.

She loves Lakeland with its pristine nature, it’s stunning lakes, hills and historic atmosphere.

Her background in Education and Health sales sensitized her awareness of each ones needs for fulfillment in a complex world.

To match people with homes is a calling, Madri says, and the perfect match is the most satisfying of feelings.

There is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of looking at a family in their own home, glowing with happiness and joy.