Getting your home ready to list may make $10,000 or more difference in the sale price. Here are some things to do to get a better price for your home.

1) Clear the clutter. Go view a few model homes to see what shows best as far as the amount of furniture, accessories etc. *If you look like you dont have enough room for your belongings the clients viewing your home will perceive that the home will not be big enough for them. If need be, rent a storage unit to place belongings that you will not be using for 6 months. 

2) Get a home inspection before listing your home so there are no surprises. Once you negotiate and agree to a price you will be responsible for most mechanical repairs. If you fix everything before you list the home, you can list your home a bit higher to cover those costs.

3) Touch up paint inside and out. People will pay more for a "move-in" ready home.